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Fine Line's vocal booth is undoubtedly the driest room in South Florida. This recording haven is surrounded in all directions by 4 inch thick sound absorbing foam walls, a 2 inch thick foam ceiling, and an isolated rubber padded carpet floor. With all this heavy treatment, you can be fully assured that the only audio our microphone will capture is the source and nothing else.






  • Industry standard Neumann U87 along with a wide variety of other microphones available for various applications.


  • Professional sound isolating headphones.


  • 4 separate headphone monitor outputs with levels that can be controlled through a dedicated iPhone app that connects directly to the console inside the control room. This eliminates the basic routine of asking the engineer to raise or lower the monitoring levels throughout tracking, leaving time for more important tasks. 


  • A virtual "window" so the musician can visually communicate with the engineer comfortably.


  • Optional instrument rentals.


  • User controlled color LED mood lighting effects.


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